Ayatollahs over the rainbow

The Guardian’s Mark Lawson has his panties in a bunch about the “galloping spiritual inflation” in the American “theocracy”.

The open religiosity of US society has always been a shock for European visitors, but it feels as if the rhetoric is intensifying monthly in a sort of galloping spiritual inflation. Last week an 11-year-old boy from Utah disappeared during a scout camp. After four days in the wilderness, the child was found, thirsty but perky. It’s true that even British phone-ins in these circumstances would have freely invoked a “miracle”, but the public comments of the boy’s relatives and family friends resembled scenes from Iran of the ayatollahs unexpectedly dubbed into American..

I can see what he means – in New York last Sunday, shocking religiosity was all over the place. Coincidentally or not, the Billy Graham brigade was in town during Gay Pride week. Here’s a photo of the resulting clashes between religious leaders/Ayatollahs and gays.


Catholic gay rights supporters

Open religiosity was judging the parade!

Some of our all-American mutaween were there.

This blatant rainbow-hued theocratic parade included the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus, NYC Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gay Men, Inc. (PFLAG), the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center,
an assortment of gogo boys and girls from clubs throughout the city and Republican Mayor Bloomberg.

The Guardian’s Lawson concludes :

So perhaps, as Billy Graham sits at his special lectern, calling on New Yorkers to come forward for Jesus, he will wonder whether an America which seems to be the answer to his prayers has in fact sold its soul to the devil.

So, whose side is Lawson on?


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