Don’t run, we are your friends

What are our favorite theofascist terror-supporters up to now?

Joseph Braude, writing for TNR, says that our Saudi allies have been blackmailing oil-poor Middle Eastern nations into allowing Wahhabis to spread their message of hate. He suggests that we should diminish their influence in the Middle East by promoting alternate energy sources in oil-poor nations like Jordan and Egypt.

Gee, maybe we should do the same thing for ourselves.


Trent Trelenko at Winds of Change believes that the Saudis may have hit peak oil. He quotes from this article, Saudi oil bombshell, by Michael T. Klare:

For those oil enthusiasts who believe that petroleum will remain abundant for decades to come – among them President George W Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, and their many friends in the oil industry – any talk of an imminent “peak” in global oil production and an ensuing decline can be easily countered with a simple mantra: “Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia…

…But now, from an unexpected source, comes a devastating challenge to this powerful dogma: in a newly released book, investment banker Matthew R Simmons convincingly demonstrates that, far from being capable of increasing its output, Saudi Arabia is about to face the exhaustion of its giant fields and, in the relatively near future, will probably experience a sharp decline in output. “There is only a small probability that Saudi Arabia will ever deliver the quantities of petroleum that are assigned to it in all the major forecasts of world oil production and consumption,” Simmons writes in Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy. “Saudi Arabian production,” he adds, italicizing his claims to drive home his point, “is at or very near its peak sustainable volume … and it is likely to go into decline in the very foreseeable future.”

The problem is, our govenment’s mantra, “Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia” is, like most mantras, a mystical incantation, a comforting reptition based on faith, not reality. As a result, reality and facts are unlikely to affect it.


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