June 2005

This is the right sunny weekend to learn more about our new D70

done so far: light studies


Orange crush lite


Orange crush noir

..and yes, I will be a good citizen of the blogosphere and post my list of books that mean a lot to me. I was making up the list, trying to remember which specific parts meant a lot to me, and I started rereading them. Be done, soon.

Thanks to the SCOTUSblog.

Thanks also to Sluggo who notes that a lot of people are unhappy lately.

European leftists and fascists:

Turns out that far-left groups in western Europe are carrying on a campaign dubbed Ten Euros for the Resistance, offering aid and comfort to the car bombers, kidnappers, and snipers trying to destabilize the fledgling Iraq government. In the words of one Italian website, Iraq Libero (Free Iraq), the funds are meant for those fighting the occupanti imperialisti. The groups are an odd collection, made up largely of Marxists and Maoists, sprinkled with an array of Arab emigres and aging, old-school fascists, according to Lorenzo Vidino, an analyst on European terrorism based at The Investigative Project in Washington, D.C. “It’s the old anticapitalist, anti-U.S., anti-Israel crowd,” says Vidino, who has been to their gatherings, where he saw activists from Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Italy. “The glue that binds them together is anti-Americanism.” The groups are working on an October conference to further support “the Iraqi Resistance.” A key goal is to expand backing for the insurgents from the fringe left to the broader antiwar and antiglobalization movements.

From David’s Medienkritik.

This is the address of the German “peace” activists who collect money for Saddam’s terrorists:

Friedensladen im EWZ, Karlstor 1,
69115 Heidelberg, GERMANY
Telephone: (calling within Germany): 06221/978927,
Telephone (if calling from the USA): 011-49-6221-978927
Fax: (within Germany) 06221/168995, Fax (from the USA):
E-Mail: kontakt@antikriegsforum-heidelberg.de
Web-page: http://www.antikriegsforum-heidelberg.de/

[U.S. News link thanks to Roger Simon]

Members of congress are supposed to represent the people who voted them into office. That’s their job.

So who were they representing when they voted in favor of this asinine “flag burning” amendment? Not liberals or conservatives.

I’ve always thought that flag burning was equivalent to book burning – a symbolic expression of protest or hate – offensive, but still protected by the first amendment.

It’s legal to burn a flag, pee on a Koran, put a crucifix in urine, etc., as it should be. If we make special exceptions for the flag, than what will we say to the extremist Muslims who want to ban all criticism of their apartheid laws and beliefs? Should they be allowed to amend the constitution?

John Conyers, one of our representatives might go along with that.

This reactionary piece of legislation doesn’t belong in our constitution. These reactionary legislators aren’t doing their job.

Via the Financial Express:

“Biofuels are getting more competitive due to the surge in oil prices but these would need to be somewhere between $60 and $100 a barrel for biofuels to be competitive without subsidies,” IEA biofuel specialist Lew Fulton said after a seminar on biofuel options.

US crude oil futures hit another all-time record on Monday at $59.52 a barrel as worries over fuel demand festered amid limited US refinery capacity.

An exception is Brazil where ethanol, made from sugar cane, is competitive without subsidy when oil prices are at $35 a barrel, said Brazil’s ambassador to Paris, Sergio Silva do Amaral.

for real?

Sad to hear about this..

But then again, how many failures did we have during the early days of the space program? Got to keep trying.

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