10 rules for dating my daughter

To describe his attitude towards my 16 yr. old daughter re: boyfriends, my husband’s favorite quote comes from “Clueless” – “Anything happens to my daughter, I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody would miss you.”

He’d like * Bruce Cameron’s 10 rules..

[Link thanks to Sluggo]

* and he might also like Teenager Driving Contract – link to Bruce Cameron’s page and the Teenager Driving Contract thanks to Chug


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2 Responses to 10 rules for dating my daughter

  1. Bruce Parker says:

    Unfortunately this is all lizard brain stuff — a gut-level reaction by all fathers everywhere to protect their daughters, but it ignores the simple fact that your father could have threatened me, but didn’t. In a cosmic sense, I owe the ‘verse.

    I’ll try to be good.

  2. mary says:

    I don’t think any of these guys would directly threaten their daughter’s boyfriends. But, somehow the message gets through, transmitted, subliminally, through male telepathy. You can smile at them, you can give them the keys to your car but still the message gets through.

    Lizard brain stuff isn’t good or bad, it’s just the way things work.

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