October 2007

Armed Liberal at Winds of Change notes the latest “experts say” headline at the Washington Post

Strike on Iran Would Roil Oil Markets, Experts Say

Some more no-shit-Sherlock headlines we’ll never see:

Saudi Arabia was responsible for 9/11

Gun control and building youth centers in troubled urban neighborhoods does not prevent crime

The film industry is awfully boring lately. Most movies aren’t worth seeing

Irrational hatred of all members of the opposing political party leads to headaches, ulcers and lost elections

Women and men are from the same planet. Both like sex and companionship.

George Bush won the 2000 election. Al Gore lost

Are these European right-wing groups racist?

Charles at LGF has deep misgivings about these parties. Pamela at Atlas Shrugs believes that they’re fighting the scrouge of the Islamization of Europe.

My take: Racism is defined as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race”

Political supremacists, whether we call them White supremacists, fascists, Muslim supremacists, Nazis or whatever – all share one feature; They believe that the people they consider to be “inferior” (dhimmis, subhumans, mud people, etc.) should be punished, exiled or even killed for what they are, not what they do.

Muslim supremacists believe that non-Muslims, or Muslims who follow the rules of a government that’s “insufficiently Islamic” should be punished for what they are, not what they do. White supremacists believe that people who have non-European heritage should be punished for the qualities they were born with – not for any crimes they may have committed, or for any criminal or enemy organizations they may have joined.

Therefore, if group A promotes the idea that people should be exiled or thrown in jail for their heritage or for the religion, race or tribe they were born into, then group A is racist, supremacist and (at the very least) leaning towards fascism. Groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Stormfront belong in that category.

If group B promotes the idea that people should be exiled or thrown in jail for criminal acts that they have committed, for criminal organization they have voluntarily joined, or for politically-oriented enemy organizations they have joined in a time of war, then group B is not racist, supremacist, or leaning towards fascism. Groups like the US army, most Western governments and most democratic institutions fall in that category.

People from group B usually oppose people from group A on the principle that punishing or exiling people based on what they are, not on what they have done, is anti-democracy and anti-equality. That’s why we oppose violent and ‘non violent’ supremacist groups.

If people want to decide whether these European groups fall into category A or B, they should probably look at the evidence on both sides.

Phyllis Chesler interviews the man who helped expose the Al Dura hoax, Philippe Karsenty:

Philippe Karsenty is tall, handsome, charming–and very determined; un homme, tres serieux (a very serious gentleman).

[I met Mr. Karsenty at the Herzliya conference last year, and can vouch for that..]

Karsenty, a 41 year-old former stockbroker, media analyst, and founder of Media-Ratings, came to America on a lecture and media tour shortly after his interim victory in a Paris courtroom in the matter of the Al Dura Hoax. The state owned TV channel, France 2, sued him for defamation when Karsenty insisted that their airing of a brief (55-59 second) portion of the (27 minutes of raw footage) constituted a Blood Libel. The staged event took place on September 30, 2000 at the Netzarim Junction and became the Face that launched far more than a thousand Islamist riots, anti-Israeli petitions, and successful and intercepted Palestinian suicide bombings.

This past September, almost seven years later, a Paris judge finally ordered that France 2 turn over the film to the court by November 14th. The trial itself is set for February 27th of 2008.

Karsenty recently visited me one afternoon and he returned two days later to speak at a gathering to honor him at my home. Among those whom I invited were a direct descendent of Captain Alfred Dreyfus (my friend and neighbor, Gilles Dreyfus) and yes, I took a photo of us all. After all, the Al Dura case exemplifies how powerful a single photo can be.

In my opinion, Karsenty is a hero who would not allow me to introduce him as one. Karsenty interrupted me each time he thought I was about to do so. He said that he is “just doing the right thing and standing up for the truth” –the implication being that anyone can do so.

He is right, but only a handful of people do so–or continue to do so once they find themselves on trial and very much alone. Thus, I believe that Karsenty and I are both correct. He IS a hero but mainly because such heroes are scarce; they are forced to “work alone” as they assume their bone-crushing historical burden. Organizations do not support them.

Indeed, organizations sometimes obstruct and sabotage their own heroes. Such collective bodies do not intervene even when it might be in their national or organizational interest to do so. What they do instead is stand down, slander, or showcase the hero in an exploitative way–and then rush to take credit when the hero crosses the finish line at the end of a long, hard race…

…When asked why he is doing this–since anti-Semitic anti-Zionists will only continue to defame Israel; exposure will not stop them, he usually tells people this: “Sir, did you shave yesterday? And you will shave again tomorrow? Why bother?” And then he says: “It is important to stand up for the truth, no matter the cost. That should not make you a hero.”

“He said that he is “just doing the right thing and standing up for the truth” –the implication being that anyone can do so”

That’s true – if more people took that advice, the truth-tellers would be in the majority, and the process wouldn’t be so difficult.

Sometimes, organizations and people don’t know how to look after their own interests.

RICHARD LANDES has more on the Al Dura Hoax and its effects


I just got back from a few days spent with Tatyana at Spa Eastman, located in Quebec’s lovely countryside, about 1 hour from Montreal.

I’ve returned detoxified and refreshed, with a few extra words of French. The treatments (les soins) and long hikes in the countryside (la campagne) were a perfect (parfait) treat for myself and my daughter, who took a day’s break from her studies at McGill.

Since the very well-heated pool and the sauna were easily accessible, I indulged my inner Finn and took a few dips in Spa E.’s pond. Since caffeinated coffee was hard to find, the cold water was a refreshing jolt.

The massages, the hikes and the pond were fine, but the best part of the spa was the food. It was light and mildly spiced, two things that usually don’t appeal to me, but the expert chef made dishes that were hearty and interesting. I bought the cookbook, which is all in French. If I can make the same techniques work at home, I’ll post about it.

On the last day of the trip, I managed to break several speed records to arrive just in time to a book signing featuring No Reservations: Around the world on an empty stomach written by the culinary world’s Indiana Jones, Anthony Bourdain.

Another person who’s managed to create an excellent job for himself – wart hogs and all.

Saudis and the Islamists in Iran are, once again, working together to maintain plausible deniability. No fascism to see here. Move along..

Phyllis Chesler discusses Saudi and Iranian efforts to shout down their critics:

We have just been informed that President Amadinejad, who himself enjoyed no disruption when he spoke at Columbia University has said he “supports” the disruption, by American students and faculty, of the handful of panels and lectures at Columbia University and at the more than one hundred other universities where Islamo-Fascist Awareness Week will take place from October 22nd to October 26th, 2007.

By the way, the term “Islamo-fascism” was coined by Algerian Muslims and ex-Muslims to characterize the Islamic fanatics who slaughtered 150,000 of their Algerian Muslim brethren in the 1990s—and all in the name of Allah.

I am speaking at Columbia on a panel with my esteemed colleagues Ibn Warraq and Christina Hoff-Sommers on the evening of October 24th. David Horowitz, whose Freedom Center has organized the week-long Teach-In, is speaking there at noon on October 26th.

There will be security, cameras, and perhaps even media. These add-ons have become increasingly necessary in order that those who hold minority anti-fascist viewpoints may nevertheless engage in the joys of academic freedom.

We have also just been informed that Saudi money, (what an everlasting surprise), has apparently funded the various pro-Palestinian, anti-American, and anti-Israeli campus groups to launch a defamation and disruption campaign against us. And, the religious Jewish left has also weighed in with an emailed campaign that opposes our telling the truth about how Muslims are blowing other Muslims up, and persecuting women, intellectuals, and homosexuals.

Speaking the truth about fascism can get you in all sorts of trouble, which is one reason why so few people do it now (and why so many failed to speak up the last time this happened).

Phyllis will have more to say about the anti-fascist awareness week. Stay tuned..

Off to a retreat near Montreal for a few days. Be back soon –

Every once in awhile, I find a soulmate on the web.

His job is almost as much fun as this one..

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