December 2007

A few days ago the Iranian propaganda outlet Press TV used this spoof image (created by the brilliantly satirical website People’s Cube) …


…to prove that reports of 40 Iranian Jews emigrating to Israel were “lies spread by the Zionist hegemony.”

From Press TV’s article “Iranian Jews reject emigration report”

The Iranian Jewish community has dismissed fraudulent reports claiming the organized secret emigration of 40 Iranian Jews to Israel.

In a Wednesday statement the Jewish community denounced reports by foreign news outlets on the mass emigration of Iranian Jews describing it as a misinformation campaign.

“Considering the Jewish community’s comfortable living conditions in Iran and its deep common cultural roots with the followers of other religions in the country, Iranian Jews would never consider organized emigration,” the statement declared.

Moris Motamed, the representative of the Jewish community in the Iranian Parliament and Siamak Mare-Sedq, the chairman of Tehran’s Jews Assembly said propaganda campaigns against Iran would never manipulate the Jewish community.

Two days later, PressTV realized that they were caught propagandizing, lying and manipulating the Jewish community. They replaced the image with something less absurd. The People’s Cube, wise to the ways of propagandists, expected them to do that and made a screen capture of the photo and article “for historical purposes.”

From the Peoples Cube open letter to the Islamic Republic of Iran

Dear Iranian Mullahs! While our satirical website and your Propaganda Directorate deal in the same trade of making up facts and exaggerating reality, we are different in that we can recognize a spoof – but you apparently can’t. On Dec. 27, 2007 you used our spoof image on your propaganda website to illustrate a “true” statement that Jews are welcome in Iran and that Western reports about mass emigration of Iranian Jews are “lies spread by the Zionist hegemony.”

The spoof image in question first appeared in 2005, in our parody called Israel Dismantles; World’s Problems End, which revealed the absurdity of demands to dismantle Israel, with various nations, including Iran and Germany, celebrating the return of their long-missed Jews.

It gets better. Our Iranian friends tell us that the original Farsi-language placard says “Nuclear power is our absolute right,” which means that you, dear Mullahs, used that image as a propaganda tool to advance your nuclear program – so you could threaten and maybe even annihilate the Jews in Israel. In our spoof, we changed the message of the placard to the complete opposite, making it appear improbable. To be fair, your story about Iran’s love for the Jews was just as improbable, so it would seem only logical to put them together. It would, we repeat – if your goal were to publish a self-parody. That wasn’t your intention, however. You only did it because you didn’t know better.

Let’s call it self-inflicted poetic justice.

The People’s Cube wonders why the Mullahs and their supporters didn’t get the joke. Could it be because Khomeini outlawed humor?

Expect a heartfelt article from the Daily Mail describing the heartbreak and humiliation suffered by Iran’s propagandists.

But seriously, we have to wonder, why does the news of Iranian Jews emigrating to Israel provoke such an hysterical reaction?

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From Pajamas Media

Why is it that Pakistan’s extremists (who purportedly hate Musharraf and democracy) are not consistent in targeting pro-Musharraf and pro-democracy people? Why do they pick and choose?

I think the answer is apparent: in Pakistan, if you do not criticize the Islamists, you will not be targeted. Musharraf and Bhutto did criticize the Islamists and that is why they tend to end up in the jihadi cross-hairs. Nawaz Sharif, on the other hand, has long pandered to Jamat e Islami (and in the early 90’s even Bin Laden), while Mullah Diesel heads the main pro-Taliban party. There is no reason for extremists to attack these people; they are already on the same side.

The fact is that Musharraf has choked Pakistan’s political process for nearly a decade now, which has contributed significantly to the expansion of extremism.

To top it all off, the U.S. has absolutely no leverage in Pakistan…

…The second, more realistic solution is for the U.S. to openly dump Musharraf and pull itself out of any semblance of involvement in Pakistan’s internal political affairs. The U.S. needs to be in a position where it has not been in a long time with Pakistan: objective…

more realistic solution is for the U.S. to openly dump Musharraf and pull itself out of any semblance of involvement in Pakistan’s internal political affairs. The U.S. needs to be in a position where it has not been in a long time with Pakistan: objective.

As Mansoor Ijaz suggests at the National Review, the U.S. should call for Musharraf to set up an independent international investigation surrounding the killing of Ms. Bhutto.

An independent panel will likely conclude that it was the terrorists that killed Ms. Bhutto and not any elements associated with Musharraf himself.

I agree that an international investigation would be a good idea, but I don’t agree that the US has “absolutely no leverage in Pakistan” or that the US should “openly dump Musharraf and pull itself out of any semblance of involvement in Pakistan’s internal political affairs”

First, we do have leverage in Pakistan; second, removing our influence from Pakistan’s internal political affairs would put the world in more danger, not less, since we are, as reported here in the New York Times, “secretly” aiding Pakistan in guarding their nuclear arms.

The term “secretly guarding” as used in the New York Times is, of course, a relative term. If Ali meant the the US should “‘openly’ remove itself from Pakistan’s affairs” in the same way, this could be a good idea.

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Congress has some serious doubts about selling highly advanced military technology to our good friends in Saudi Arabia, the acknowledged hub of world terrorism…

Maybe they can guess where this is heading..

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The Washington Post


We are extremely sorry that Benazir Bhutto, one of our great political leaders, has been assassinated. And it happened immediately after she was addressing a public rally in Rawalpindi, a city that I live in, and in Liaquat Bagh, which is about a mile away from where I live.

I have seen her address a rally there many, many years back. And we are very sorry, and this is a time of mourning for Pakistan. And I think the government of Pakistan has already announced a three-day mourning.

I spoke to the president of Pakistan this morning before he went into his meeting, and he also expressed his shock and condemnation. And he says we strongly condemn this terrorist attack.

This has been done by terrorists, and this should firm up Pakistan’s resolve to fight extremism and terrorism. And we will, God willing, keep democracy going in Pakistan.

An NRO symposium:

At a minimum, Pakistan’s low-level civil war will go on. The Taliban and al-Qaeda seem lately to be giving less attention to Afghanistan and more attention to Pakistan itself. They would like to sow chaos in Pakistan as a whole, expand their base there, and perhaps use chaos to grab hold of some nuclear material. Will the military clamp down, as it has with some success in Swat, or will the army be paralyzed by its internal divisions, and by covert sympathy for the Taliban? We just don’t know.

Pakistan remains a powder keg. Unlike Somalia, where there is no educated and modernized class, and the state has been in total collapse for years, Pakistan embodies all the strengths, and all the weaknesses of modern Muslim social life. That is Pakistan’s tragedy, and our problem.

— Stanley Kurtz is a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center

More news from Pajamas Media

Britain does it:

Spies from Britain’s MI6 are thought to have held at least six meetings with key Taliban figures in order to negotiate a peace deal in Afghanistan’s south-eastern Helmand province.

The revelations are an embarrassment to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who just a fortnight ago denied in the British Parliament any such talks were taking place…

Because these ‘talks’ are interpreted by the Islamists as a surrender…

Britain negotiated an earlier peace deal in October 2006, which failed. At that time British forces pulled out of Musa Qala after an agreement with tribal elders declared the area a neutral zone.

Taliban fighters responded quickly by seizing control of the surrounding district and occupying the town for most of 2007.

The Afghan Government, NATO allies and Australia are believed to have all privately chided Downing Street over the Musa Qala peace deal, labelling it a surrender to the Taliban.

Britain surrenders to terrorists and so do we.

A former aide admitted that terrorist and Nobel prizewinner Arafat founded Black September

Ma’an (Arabic) reports that a series of articles being authored by longtime Arafat aide Marwan Kanafani in Egypt’s Al Ahram will say that it was Yasir Arafat himself who created the Black September organization in 1970.

Black September was behind many of the highest-profile terror attacks in the early 1970s, including the murder of Jordanian Prime Minister Wasfi Tel, the Munich Olympic massacre, the May 1972 hijacking of a Belgian airliner from Vienna, dozens of letter bombs including at one that killed an Israeli politician in London, and the murder of two US diplomats in Khartoum.

The PLO always used Black September for plausible deniability, claiming that the deadliest BSO attacks had nothing to do with them…

…And we know that the current Palestinian Arab President Mahmoud Abbas was also involved in Black September, specifically in the Munich massacre.

Is anyone surprised by these revelations? I didn’t think so. Everyone knows Abbas and Arafat are terrorists. The only people who are covered by this implausible deniability are the Western politicians who hope to gain historical brownie points and the favor of oil-rich Wahhabis through “peace processes” and negotiation.

Diplomats like Rice and Brown don’t want to admit that they’re surrendering to terrorists, but that’s exactly what they’re doing.

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