Could there be turtles in your backyard..?

I was on vacation last week and missed this great post at Solomonia “Holy Shmoly. I just watched a turtle lay eggs in my lawn”

I’m not kiddin’. You remember that turtle I caught prowling around my yard? Well, I have no idea as to whether it’s the same individual, but I’ve caught that little guy making a regular run through my yard in the late afternoons. Pretty predictable-like.

Well, if it was the same individual, it appears “she” was casing the joint in order to find a good place to lay her stash!

This afternoon I go outside to put out the sprinkler and I notice some movement in the usual place. ‘Hey,’ I think, ‘our pal the turtle is back, I’ll go over to say hello.’ Well I get close and notice that she’s dug a little hole behind her. ‘What’s this?’ I think. Why would she dig a hole in the lawn…she’s not…plop, a little white sphere drops into the hole…she sure is. Call the wife outside. Run, get camera…


Read more here, and read the comments (90+), some from people who have egg-laying turtles in their backyards too…


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2 Responses to Could there be turtles in your backyard..?

  1. Solomon says:

    I put that post up four years ago and I can tell turtle mating season like clockwork because it starts attracting comments from people googling for turtle gestation period and the like. I’m synced with nature.

  2. mary says:

    Four years ago? Oops!

    I always go upstate for a week around the 4th (Independence day is as big as Christmas in my husband’s family), so the dates looked right. Like the turtles, we instinctually travel far, perform our rituals and return, same place and time every year.

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