The Party’s over


Sign directing visitors to the Museum of Communism in downtown Prague

UPDATE: I visited the Museum yesterday. They’re very proud of their independent (non-state supported) status, and they’re proud of their location near a McDonalds and a casino.

The displays described how the communists gained power in Czechoslovakia and how they held on to it for decades, despite the fact that communism was ruining the country. They illustrated how the communist government failed to feed the people, they described the way communism uses black markets, anti-Americanism, the delusion that capitalism is evil, that communism is the wave of the future AND extensive spy networks to maintain power. They showed, with many pictures, how the government destroyed the environment.

But still, at the end of the tour, the guestbook was full of comments from clueless French, British and Italian visitors proclaiming the joys of communism. Some people never learn.

UPDATE 2: El Marco’s photographs from protests at the Denver convention show that we have the same problem in America. Some of these folks obviously haven’t experienced firing neurons since 1969.


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2 Responses to The Party’s over

  1. Bruce Parker says:

    Huh. I don’t remember that one. Perhaps it’s new.

    Funny that the Czechs would have a poor impression of communism. What’s 40 years among friends?

    Cute that it’s in front of the McD’s.

    So I guess the Coolpix is working out? I’m glad you got to Prague. Hopefully you’ll get to join one of the walking tours.

  2. mary says:

    I wandered around the city last night and planned what I was going to do. Today, I took the local light rail to the major train station in Holesoviez, bought a ticket to Vienna for tomorrow, and ordered a pototo crepe in Czech. I got the crepe and the ticket, but the water had bubbles. Otherwise, it was a successful trip.

    I’ve been wandering around the old city today, visiting art museums and taking pictures. Some woman was dragging her boyfriend through a museum. It looked familiar…

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