How many partisan bloggers does it take to screw in a lightbulb in the weeks before an election?

Partisan bloggers say: “That’s not funny. It is utter filth”

At the Power Line News Forum, IronDioPriest says:

OK. This is it. I HATE the Left. The Left is showing itself to be the embodiment of evil on this earth. Satan’s playthings. All you liberals can kiss my a$$. Your protestations mean absolutely nothing to me. You are all one and the same in my mind now. You are all my enemies, and you will all rot in the same hell.

Freedom Eden says: Saturday Night Live went WAY over the line in a skit on the September 20 show.

They both seem to have read this World Net Daily article on the offending skit:

Palin family ‘incest’ joked about on NBC
‘Saturday Night Live’ skit suggests husband of VP candidate has sex with own daughters

A week after a high-profile send-up of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live,” the NBC comedy show returned to making fun of the Alaskan governor in a skit where New York Times reporters sought to probe the possibility Palin’s husband was having sex with the couple’s own daughters…

Okay, I’m totally opposed to the press invading people’s private lives and/or making up stupid stories. I also think SNL has a lefty bias. But I saw the Saturday Night Live skit discussed at World Net Daily, and the skit was dead-on. The whole thing was a parody of how clueless and provincial NY Times writers can be.

I wish I could find the video (according to WND, the clip of the incest sketch was never posted online). The skit starts sets the mood with the with the best joke. The editor, played by Franco, announces that he’s taking his best investigative reporters off of their current assignments and putting them on the Palin beat.

One reporter raises his hand and says: “..but I’m working on a report about the current crisis at Lehman Brothers”

The editor says “…that’s not important, Lehman isn’t going anywhere.”

So, are we supposed to see this editor as a fact-based kind of guy? Of course not.

One female Times writer is infamous for making a fortune over bogus sexual harrassment suits. One Times writer weeps when he discovers that there is only one psychoanalyst in Alaska (he sees his NY-based analysts at least twice a day). None of the writers can drive, and one had irrational fears of polar bear attacks. Most abandoned the assignment when they heard that there were few taxis and no Thai takeout in Alaska. The Palin incest rumor was provided as another example of the Times’ general cluelessness.

If the media had never spread rumors about incest within the Palin family, SNL could possibly deserve a lot of grief for making this grotesque suggestion. But the media did spread those lies, and SNL was obviously parodying them.

Get a grip, people.


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