Blown glass and Brainnssss in Asbury Park

We went down to Asbury Park yesterday to see the newly refurbished boardwalk. I miss the old Criterion Chocolates, but some of the arty shops, like Hot Sand, where you can blow your own glass, and LaPlaca Pottery, where you can throw whatever potters throw, looked like fun.

On our way back, heading to dinner at the yummy Bistro Ole we were surprised to see hordes of hungry, brain eating zombies headed our way. No, it wasn’t the mystery virus that infected London. We’d stumbled on the First Annual Asbury Park Zombie Walk! Hundreds of bloodied corpses, some with brains or fingers in their mouths, some wielding dismembered arms, some in bloodied wedding dresses, stumbled down the boardwalk.

One little girl who had been crying over some spilled ice cream or something brightened up when she saw them. Zombies! she smiled.

My parents, who kind of missed the whole zombies-as-cultural-icons development weren’t sure how to react to this. They figured it was an early Halloween thing and played along.

But Zombie walks aren’t just for Halloween season, they’re an all-year round phenomenon. They may be coming to your town!


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4 Responses to Blown glass and Brainnssss in Asbury Park

  1. Bruce Parker says:

    What an amusing though unsettling surprise it was. Odd that the Quebecoise would insist on making theirs into a political event.

  2. mary says:

    I couldn’t find the link to that. How was it political?

  3. Bruce Parker says:

    Sorry. I guess I googled for it instead of linking from the site:

  4. mary says:

    A Zombie walk for Global warming? LOL.

    At least they have more personality than Al Gore.

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