Why do people read Dean Esmay’s blog?

Because he says things like this:

I will pull the lever for McCain/Palin in November. I will do so without the slightest hesitation or regret.

But if that evening, or the next morning, we learn that Barack Obama has won the Presidency, I will not lose not a wink of sleep. I will feel quite secure in the knowledge that the American people and the American system of government–which have always been flawed and imperfect and always will be–will continue to survive and thrive in the long run, even if we have tough times ahead. Because we always have tough times ahead, but this is the greatest country the world has ever known, and despite its many flaws our system of government works the way it’s supposed to, and in general works very well indeed.

Welcome to democracy, and the American way of life. Ain’t it grand?

..and this:

I’m not sure whether to have jitters about the market anyway. If I had any savings left (they’re already depleted) I’d do my best to be steely-eyed and refuse to pull any of my money out of the stock market, or to panic and try to shift everything to “safe” stocks or mutual funds. If you want to ride the stock train, even just mutual funds, you have to be prepared for a bumpy ride, even very scary bumps.

Well said, Dean!


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