Saudi king has hissy fit

The economic storm hit the Gulf States this weekend, and Saudi King Abdullah is not amused:

World facing covert economic war – King

RIYADH – Hit hard by tumbling economy, the world is facing a covert economic war, King Abdullah, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, said Saturday in a meeting with press officials and editors-in-chief of Saudi newspapers in Riyadh.

As the GCC ministers of finance met Saturday in Riyadh to tackle the looming financial crisis, the King warned that the Gulf, which was forging ahead in all fields, was also being targeted.

The King stressed that the interests of religion and nation should be kept first.
“You know what is going on in the whole world. I wish to tell you that I believe that the world now is facing a covert economic war and you must take this into consideration as well as the interest of religion and nation, because the economy is the basis for everything,” King Abdullah said…

…“Don’t forget that your country is being targeted to shake the bounty bestowed on us by Allah. We must respect, care for, and protect this bounty,” the King said.

Speaking of economic war, T. Boone Pickens describes one plan…


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