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…by everyday objects like matchbox cars and airplanes? Try adding a rocket – Advertisements

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If we or the Indian government had any interest in fighting terrorism or responding to the Mumbai attacks…

In some ways, terrorist militias operate like a standard army. The military branch (soldiers and strategists) are supported by a community of bankers, politicians and businessmen. This community is not as well defined as the nations or states that support … Continue reading

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Glider Aerobatics

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From literacy to visuality

“Obama – Building a Religion”, one of the most effective campaign messages of the recent election season, created by cakesecret with Windows Movie Maker The NY Times reports on how we’re evolving from book-literacy to screen literacy The fluid and … Continue reading

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Everything Turkey

Portuguese Turkey, corn bread jalepeno stuffing and minimalist recipes at the NY Times

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Has Noam Chomsky fallen on hard times..?

I guess he’s used to it after living for years in the intellectual impoverishment of “anarchism”.. This holiday season, don’t forget the needy…Donate today

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– bet these people thought the wood chipper scene in “Fargo” was great art..

Palin haters whine about preparations for Turkey day

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