Jossip: the “Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country” hoax..

…is proof that the MSM is as fallible as blogs

By now you’ve heard of Martin Eisenstadt, the hoax who claimed to be a John McCain policy adviser and planted such brilliant nuggets such as “Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country,” but was actually an elaborate ruse cooked up by two filmmakers hoping to pitch a television show. Eisenstadt, played for TV cameras by a one Eitan Gorlin, even got Palin to respond to the allegations and rebutt them.

If Eisenstadt didn’t dupe you, you’re in the minority. Jossip fell for the ploy, as did MSNBC, the Los Angeles Times, Mother Jones, and the New Republic, among others…

what’s the moral of the story here? Blogs get a lot of shit for not “vetting stories,” “fact checking,” or even “reporting.” Well guess what? Mainstream news media don’t do that either. (MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines told the Times the story “had not been vetted … It should not have made air.”)

The MSM is biased and inaccurate. So why are they still the mainstream media?

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