Great white shark crashes into diver

The Daily Mail reports on “Divers’ miraculous escape as great white shark rips through their metal cage”

The thought of a 15ft great white shark ripping through a metal cage and heading straight for you is the stuff of nightmares – but it was a reality for two scuba divers in Mexico.

The terrifying incident unfolded as the two men took part in an ‘ultimate shark diving experience’ and watched the two tonne shark feeding on tuna.

Caught on camera, the film shows the shark suddenly veering towards the cage, jamming its head between the bars and smashing it to pieces while the divers scramble for safety.

Actually, the shark doesn’t look like it’s ‘suddenly veering’, it looks like it was taking a bite of food, chewing, and traveling in a straight path before crashing into an unexpected obstacle.

I’m glad the divers escaped, but I also feel sorry for the shark. Imagine that you took a bite of a yummy chocolate donut and broke a few teeth on bits of wire hidden inside – then imagine finding a rubbery little animal in the frosting.

The next time that shark dines out, he/she will probably avoid the “ultimate shark diving experience” boat.


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2 Responses to Great white shark crashes into diver

  1. Sharks R Us says:

    Yes, you pretty much called it. This was absolutely no mistake or accident as the operator would have you understand.

    The company is called Great White Adventures they are also known as Shark Diving International. They call themselves shark lovers.

    This is in fact their fourth cage breach at this site. There’s another video floating around from 2005 with another shark stuck inside these same cages bleeding from the gills.

    They still claim a 100% safety record and they still claim to be the best shark diving company on the planet.

    These magnificent animals deserve better than a bunch of yahoos who are intent only on making lots of money and having sharks smash into their cages for an extra thrill.

    Accidents happen all the time.By the 4th time it is becomes high time to hang up your cage and stop going to the island.

  2. Mary says:

    Thanks for the info, Sharks R Us. If ‘Great White Adventures’ has had 4 accidents, they’re obviously doing something wrong.

    I like nice quiet tropical dives, with an occasional shark or barracuda sighting, but I don’t understand the appeal of basically sitting in the middle of a shark’s dinner plate. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

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