Remembering the great ones

My mother believed that Patrick McGoohan was a long lost cousin from the McGowan branch of the family. That was why she wanted to see every film or series he was in. At least that’s what she told my dad.

Yesterday was a sad day, when we lost both the Prisoner and Khan. But they live on…


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3 Responses to Remembering the great ones

  1. Bruce Parker says:

    Unfortunately AMC is redoing The Prisoner: There’s no point without McGoohan.

    I liked the one comment where he turned down the chance to be James Bond for moral reasons, though I wonder what those were.

  2. marypmadigan says:

    I don’t know if a redo of the Prisoner is such a bad idea. We’ll always have the original.

    James Bond is a little morally flexible at times. Or maybe he was friends with Roger Moore, who wanted the part more..?

  3. Bruce Parker says:

    Ack! Now Andrew Wyeth has died!

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