Are the police taking sides in Anti-Israel protests?

My article is up on Pajamas Media.

Here’s short summary: Are the police taking sides in Anti-Israel protests?

Yes and no. Yes the police put more pressure on pro-Israel activists during these rallies, because they know how agitated and violent the pro-Palestinian groups can be. Israel-supporters will respect police authority, while leftist and Islamist activists do not.

No: the NYPD and US authorities help pro-Israel groups by exposing the underground Islamist networks that fund terrorism and sponsor these anti-Israel protests. Yes, the NYPD has worked with CAIR in the past, but they used what they had learned about Islamist groups in America to expose the machinations and influence of groups like CAIR in the document “Radicalization in the West: The Home-Grown Threat.”.

By exposing the criminal roots of Islamism in America, federal, state and local authorities are giving pro-Israel, pro-Democracy and pro-American groups the ammunition they need to dismantle these organizations.

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