Backpacks are for newbies

I’m looking for a camera bag, so I had to find out what Ken Rockwell had to say about them.

Access is key. You need to get your stuff without having to take it off.

I prefer waist packs since they don’t fall off and you can get everything. The top opens and it’s all in your hands. You can run all over and it’s not going to slip off. If you have a skinny butt it might slide down your pants, but that’s not happened to me.

Next best for me is a small shoulder bag. They’re easy to get in, but they are always sliding off your shoulder. You have to concentrate on not losing them, which means you’re distracted from your photography.

I avoid backpacks. They’re stupid. They require you to take it off and put it down on the ground just to get a filter. Personally I prefer the hiking backpack I picked out of the trash a few years ago (don’t tell my wife: she’s a clean freak!) because it has two mesh side pockets designed for drinks. I can jam a lens in either one so I can get it without taking it off…

True, backpacks are a pain, because you have to take them off to reach for anything.

A reader writes that he uses an old Winnie the Pooh diaper bag he stopped using after his kid became toilet trained. It’s the last thing someone might want to steal.

Other photographers ship their cameras in coolers marked “Human fecal samples. Do not contaminate.”

Since my last camera was stolen (in a backpack), diaper bags do sound like the best solution – perhaps with a rolled up huggie on top?


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