Demented cow smashes British grocery..

…in an attempt to save the Palestinians by destroying their economy:

The latest victim in the “smash something up for peace” campaign is a branch of Tesco in Swansea. Luckily no one had to be hospitalised after this incident, unlike a previous attack in which a Tesco delivery driver’s head was smashed by a brick hurled by a peace protester in Shoreditch…

…The bizarre assumption seems to be that West Bank Palestinians live in tents or something and it is only the Israeli settlements that are economically active. This is far from the truth.

Of course, all sensible people realise the link between economic stability and prosperity – and peace. So leave it to know-nothing British fuckwits to wreck any prospect of that!

Twenty years ago, black South African musicians like Ray Phiri, Joseph Tshabalala, Bakhiti Kumalo and Vusi Mahlasela were queuing up for the opportunity to work with Paul Simon and to bring black South African music to the world. So what did the know-better fuckwits in the UK do? Led a boycott of Simon and picketed his concerts, of course.


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2 Responses to Demented cow smashes British grocery..

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  2. jack39 says:

    Talk about a complete misunderstanding of reality.

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