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For those who love the smell of burning tires in the morning…

Thanks to Vagabondish: Riot Tourism…2009’s Best International Hotbeds of Anarchy & Dissent France and Italy France’s infamous 2005-2006 uprising against the First Employment Contract (which allowed employers to end job contracts for anyone under 26 at any time during a … Continue reading

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Columbia u

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Geert Wilders vs. the Koran

Geert Wilders is coming to the US. Although I’m not a fan, this is good news for free speech in America. If anyone is wondering why I’m not a fan, here’s the short version: The best way to win a … Continue reading

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Photo geo-tagging via SD memory card

Via Photojojo: First your phone went wireless, then your laptop, now finally, your camera! Never scrounge around for a USB cable again! Eye-fi is a magical orange SD memory card that will not only store 2GB worth of pictures, it’ll … Continue reading

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Lebanon NOW talks to Hitch

The SSNP and me: Christopher Hitchens talks Lebanon, louts and the Left: Whatever one’s view on his politics, Hitchens’ talk was an astonishing performance by a combative master of the English language. He barks, and he bites. Did he regret … Continue reading

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But, what are we supposed to say about race?

The only decent dialogue-ing I ever heard on race was in “White Men Can’t Jump.” So, if I say “shut your anorexic malnutrition tapeworm-having overdose on Dick Gregory Bohemian diet-drinking ass up”, will that make Eric Holder happy? Otherwise, I … Continue reading

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