More eHow basics: Composition

Thanks to Richard Burke:

There are two basic concepts that photographers use when composing their photographs: the first is the Rule of Thirds (which I discuss in detail in another article) and the second is “eye flow” which is more difficult to understand because there is no basic starting point. Designers and photographers plan every element in fashion photography to make sure you see what they want you to see. The first question to always ask is: “What am I taking a picture of?” The second question is: “How will the observer view the image?” In this article will we review the concept of eye flow by analyzing images and their component…


…When you are planning your composition, you can use strong horizontal or vertical lines to make the eye flow to the subject. In this image the key subject matter is not in the center but at the intersection points of the center segment. The eye travels along the horizontal steps of the New York Public Library to the man relaxing and then almost forces you to keep traveling to the lion statue. The dynamic tension in the picture is between the relaxed pose of the man and the guarded pose of the lion. The strong horizontal lines tie the two together.



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