Lebanon NOW talks to Hitch

The SSNP and me: Christopher Hitchens talks Lebanon, louts and the Left:

Whatever one’s view on his politics, Hitchens’ talk was an astonishing performance by a combative master of the English language. He barks, and he bites. Did he regret his sharpness with one young girl, to whom he directed a purring, “don’t go pissing me off, now?” No, indeed. “She was a brat. Possibly a nasty brat – who wouldn’t take yes for an answer.”

Left wing questioners and – peaceful – SSNP protestors at the talk who presented him with a poster inscribed “You are a fascist,” were two of the many facets of Lebanese politics displayed during Hitchens’ visit. On February 14, he saw a crowd of tens of thousands massing in Martyrs’ Square in the sunshine. They commemorated the fourth anniversary of the death of assassinated former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, led by the March 14 leaders who also celebrated the uprising that saw the end of Syrian hegemony in Lebanon. And on Monday he went to Dahiyeh in the dark and rain for the Hezbollah commemoration of the first anniversary of military commander Imad Mughniyah’s death. What did he take away from this? “I’m very impressed,” he said, “by what you might call the spirit, the courage and humor of [March 14’s members].

“The contrast between the rally on February 14 and the Hezbollah commemoration was as good a contrast as you could want,”



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