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To the last, I will grapple with thee…

Green Activism: A dying tree fell onto an (empty) SUV in Hoboken last Friday Advertisements

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Fast and Furious – Datsuns?

Some electric cars kick ass: Electric cars are no joke. Yes, it’s true that many EVs are small, ungainly-looking oddities, but the other end of the spectrum—the realm of high-performance supercars—might surprise you…

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All Natural California

Photos from the California coast and backroads are up at Zenfolio

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“The sound of gunshots is still a part of the general ambience”

Michael Totten reports: “Baghdad in Fragments”: Many third world cities look better at night than during the day. Darkness hides shabbiness. You have to imagine what the city actually looks like. If you live in a first world city yourself, … Continue reading

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Candid camels

While going through old photos, I noticed that I never miss an opportunity to take candid camel shots. So I posted them on flickr & zenfolio.

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Artistry and Airshows

Thanks to Air and Space Magazine 1. Anticipate. Learn the performers’ routines, listen to the announcer, and be ready to trip the shutter at the right moment.. 2. Set a slow shutter speed and follow the aircraft. The result: a … Continue reading

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"It is recognized that you have a funny sense of fun."

I’ve just signed up with Zenfolio to sell my photography online. If you’re in the mood for desert scenes, I’m currently uploading Lawrence of Arabia’s “clean” desert, Wadi Rum. Take a look –

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