I am proud to be Irish and I reject the killers

On 7 March 2009 gunmen again cast their shadow over Irish life when they killed two British soldiers at an army base in County Antrim. Whatever your connection to Ireland show your solidarity with the people of the island, North and South, by rejecting the gunmen, those who fund them or offer any sort of political support to them.

Ireland North and South has united in condemning the killings and calling for the police to be assisted in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

This Facebook group isn’t going to get them arrested but if people of Irish descent and connection from across the world show they reject the killers and make it clear they see nothing legitimate, romantic or heroic in their actions then we will have played a part in removing violence from Irish political life – for ever.

Join here

Yes, it’s just a Facebook group, but it does give people, worldwide, a voice and a way to express their disgust with these terrorist thugs. We didn’t have that during the troubles.

[Link thanks to Harry’s Place]


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