At Winds of Change, Joe Kaufman links to Signtific, an

innovative medium for discussing the future of science and technology…we have created a platform that facilitates the types of discussions that are critical for generating insights into possible futures. On, Signtific users can engage with fellow members of the global scientific community – individuals who are interested in the future of science and technology.

One subject that’s currently being discussed: the current development of microsatellites might lead to the future development of nano-satellites, or “CubeSats.”

Signtific asks participants to consider this premise:

“…in 2019, cubesats – space satellites smaller than a shoebox – have become very cheap and very popular. For $100, anyone can put a customized personal satellite into low-earth orbit. And space data transfer protocols developed by the Interstellar Internet Project provide a basic relay backbone linking low-powered cubesats with ground stations, and with each other. Space is open…. What will you do when space is as cheap and accessible as the Web is today?”

You can offer best and worst-case scenarios.

I thought it would be a good first-priority thing to use CubeSats to monitor and clean up space junk, but I’m a mom, and I would say something boring like that…


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