SGI is having their garage sale..

Looks like it’s really the end this time. At PJ Media, Scott Budman says Goodbye SGI:


SGI created a lot of jobs, made investors wealthy, and boasted a gigantic Silicon Valley campus that was both the envy and ambition of other technology firms. It was one of the early companies that made geek chic, and technology cool. As someone once told me, after Jurassic Park came out, wearing the SGI logo on his shirt became less a badge of nerd-dom, and more of a cool conversation piece. For me, personally, SGI was the very first tech company I covered, almost 15 years ago.

But it didn’t last. SGI’s workstations, like some of the dinosaurs they created, were big and cumbersome, especially compared with the smaller and more nimble competitors that followed…


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4 Responses to SGI is having their garage sale..

  1. Bruce Parker says:

    VERITAS and Symantec have hired so many SGI refugees over the years. They didn’t even change their commute, just which drive way they pulled into.

    SGI died a long time ago. It’s just been a prolonged illness.

  2. marypmadigan says:

    I remember when working in ‘computer graphics’ was the new thing.

    I fired up Kermit, dialed up through the modem and looked on all the alt. newsgroups for information about it. SGI was very cutting edge in those days..

  3. William says:

    I used to work at SGI back in the 90s.

    Yeah, the hours were crazy and the workload was insane, but it was the most fun I ever had and I can’t say that about any job I’ve ever held since.

    I remember every Friday we’d have a Beer Bust. They’d drag out some kiddie pools, load ’em up with ice and then fill ’em up with A LOT of beer.

    We’d then march over, get some good food, proceed to knock back about 7-8 beers and then go back to work.

    SGI was incredibly good to their people. They went out of their way to make sure you never forgot that they appreciated the hard work and sacrifices you made for them.

    This is probably the saddest day in my life and I’m about as close to heartbroken as anyone could ever be.

  4. marypmadigan says:

    I used to work for 3Com in Santa Clara during the ’90s. We didn’t have beer bashes, but we did have great offsites. The 3Com office park was a small city. Yes, we had to work around the clock, but you literally could live in your office. We had dry cleaning services, restaurants on site and a gym.

    I left in 1999. 3Com still exists in some form, but it’s not what it used to be. Companies in the valley still combine work and fun the way they used to…

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