On the Obama/Bush Saudi-bowing controversy

I have no idea why people are sending and posting hate mail to Charles Johnson about this non-issue.

As a former supporter of GWB, I’d guess that his hand-holding display was more disappointing because GWB falsely marketed himself as an opponent of the people who sponsored 9/11.

Watching him skip through the wildflowers with the Saudi king was like watching Eliot Ness kiss Al Capone, or like watching Sen. McCarthy slow dancing with Stalin.

Also, there was the fact that while they were nuzzling, Abudullah’s good friend Sheikh al-Luhaidan declared war against the US in Iraq. And the Bush administration did nothing to stop this. In the course of the Iraq war, the Saudis continued to be our good friends.

And there’s the fact that when Abdullah returned to Saudi Arabia, al-Luhaidan was promoted and Saudi suicide bombers proceeded to murder thousands of people.

Obama’s bow was horrific, but it is just another sign that our obsequious alliance with our enemies continues.

So why don’t we take a break from red vs. rino vs. moonbats vs. blue infighting and address the real issue, the immediate and pressing need to break off our alliance with the Wahhabis? – Like, now. They supply less than 20% of our oil, they’re responsible for 9/11 and AQI’s war against us in Iraq. They’ve been supporting the Taliban and other terrorist groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and they will be responsible for the deaths that occur there. Instead of using our alliance with these creeps as a stick to beat ‘the other side’ with, use unity to beat the Wahhabis. They’re not our allies, they’re the terrorism we’re supposed to be fighting.


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