A New Yorker in Belize

Daily life in Caye Caulker, a small coral island (pop. 1,300) off the coast of Belize.


Taxi – The roads are paved with sand and the taxis are all golf carts


Rush-hour traffic…




Fishermen’s Wharf – Pelicans gather to catch a free meal


A Frigate bird tries to steal the catch. Frigates are huge, gliding birds who rule the sky in Caye Caulker. Pelicans are excellent fliers at low altitudes, but they aren’t as speedy or maneuverable. When they got together, we saw some excellent dogfights.


Local game


[Financial district] – View from the roof of the Lazy Lizard – In the evening most of the town gathers at the Lazy Lizard cafe and bar, which offers excellent (and cheap) happy hour rum drinks and a great view of the sunset. There’s also a swimming and snorkeling spot, which is nice as long as you avoid the boats going through the canal.


View from the roof, to the north




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3 Responses to A New Yorker in Belize

  1. sotos says:

    it looks wonderful there! If you can, could you describe your itinerary and lodgings, and how you arranged your trip?

  2. kcdayspa says:

    very nice I love the place!

  3. marypmadigan says:

    Caye Caulker is a beautiful place, and the jungles of Belize are wild fun too. I’ll be posting more about them soon.

    Caye Caulker is a popular place for backpackers, scuba divers and people who just want to relax. It’s a super-casual place. We stayed there for a week at the Iguana Reef Inn, a very nice place right by the water. To get to the mainland in Belize, we could either take the ferry, which takes about 40 minutes of bumpy, wet, windy travel to get there, or we could take the plane, which arrives in about 5 minutes, but which costs a lot more. Like most visitors, we took the ferry for daily travel, but took the plane when we had to get to our flight back to the US.

    My friends had visited Belize in the early 80’s, and they thought the food wasn’t very good, but it seems to have improved in the past few years. We had Barbecued barracuda, lots of creole dishes and traditional chicken with beans and rice, and everything was delicious. Of course, if you’ve starving after spending the whole day hiking or snorkeling, food will taste really good.

    The snorkeling in Hol Chan is excellent, and the Mayan temples on the mainland are spectacular.

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