Anti-jihad 90210

My response to Guest Post: A Response from Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller (posted on Solomonia)

Robert, I did not, at any point in time, say that you or Pamela Geller were neofascists.

I have never said that you and Pamela Geller are neofascists because I know that you are not neofascsts. I’m also stating for the record that, in my opinion, you and Pamela Geller are not: fascists, Nazis, Nazi sympathizers, brownshirts, goose-steppers, proto-Nazis or proto-fascists.

If you find the above statements difficult to understand, I could provide the same information in an easier to read format, perhaps with bulleted points and illustrations.

Since I do not believe and have never said that you are fascists, [ ] what kind of ‘guilt’ would I be trying to prove by association?

The gist of my anti-fascist article [Nazis. I hate those guys.] was this:

If you follow the links and ignore the right/left controversies, the blogwars and the offbeat comments, this is the message you will get. All of these bloggers provide an essential service, combing through the international news for information that Fox News and CNN fail to provide. The differences between them tend to based on whether the blogger is anti-Islam or anti-fascist.

I tend to agree more often with the bloggers who oppose all forms of fascism on principle [ ] than with the bloggers who oppose “Islam” But all of these bloggers provide a useful service by linking to sources that major media sites ignore.

But in that context, what kind of service, help or information is your post providing? Will it help people develop a more reasoned view of the problems that Israel faces? Will your unnecessarily cruel comments about Dean Esmay’s problems with alcoholism give your readers a deeper understanding of the issues that affect Islam’s role in the growth of terrorism worldwide?

Or is the purpose of your post an announcement to the world at large that if you support Charles Johnson, Spencer and his Heathers won’t let you play their reindeer games?

This high-school style catfighting isn’t worth the time and agita involved. We should all find better things to do.

Time to find better things to do.


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