Montreal and the Tamil Tigers

I was in Montreal, walking with my family to a restaurant, when I saw a gathering of people wearing black masks over their faces and carrying red flags with tigers on them. I took a few pictures…




After dinner I noticed that the same group was still there, holding a candlelight vigil for the oppressed Tamils in Sri Lanka. I did some googling and discovered that the Tamil Tigers have a fair amount of support in Montreal.

But the vigils and the money didn’t do much to help the Tigers, who now admit defeat. At Pajamas Media, Richard Fernandez contemplates the spectacle of Westerners fearing that the Tigers might be wiped out:

“Now that their military hopes are dashed, the fear in western capitals is that the Tamil Tigers will again turn to terrorism. If the Tamil leadership goes ahead with their threats of suicide will there be anyone left to negotiate with? ”

At Winds of Change, Armed Liberal asks defense commentators about those supposedly “invincible” guerilla armies…


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