Well that’s a pity…

Muslim Brotherhood among invitees to Obama speech

I hope this isn’t a sign that we’re going to continue to follow the British model of feeding the crocodile, allying with our enemies in the hope that we’ll be eaten last. It hasn’t worked for the British government – Gordon Brown is currently fighting for his political life. Sooner or later, people in a democracy get annoyed with incompetent appeasers.

– Some good news: Sandmonkey was invited!


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7 Responses to Well that’s a pity…

  1. Infidel753 says:

    Either Obama thinks he’s playing some kind of psychological game to manipulate the Muslims, or else he actually believes what he’s saying and is at least as naïve as Bush. It’s too early to tell, but it’s hard to find anything to support the more optimistic interpretation.

  2. marypmadigan says:

    The Bush administration was always willing to bow to the Saudis, but at least they drew the line at the Muslim Brotherhood. We always recognized that this was a terrorist organization.

    If Obama is making gestures of friendship to the MB, that’s a very bad sign.

  3. Pat Patterson says:

    The problem is that in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood holds over 20% of the seats in the parliament. They are the largest independent political party in the legislature. Much like making nice with Gerry Adams this and any administration is going to have to sometimes hold its nose and hope that the person shaking hands is not arrested the next day for planting a bomb.

  4. marypmadigan says:

    The British model of “making nice” to the non-violent branch of a terrorist organization in an effort to “fight” the violent branch of the same organization empowers terrorists, legitimizes terrorist organizations and alienates voters.

    The government doesn’t have to make nice to the Muslim Brotherhood, a fascist organization that is currently supporting al Qaeda and Hamas. Like al Qaeda and Hamas, they’re at war with us. Openly befriending them will make them more powerful, not less.

    The many failures of British anti-terrorist and foreign policies should serve as a lighthouse to the sea.

  5. Pat Patterson says:

    I don’t know if I agree there as the PIRA admits, sub rosa, that they failed in every goal that their constitution laid out. British troops are still in Ulster, Ireland is not one nation, it is not a socialist nation, it is not anti-clerical in fact the fig leaf is that they hold some seats in a divided government but hold no power whatsoever.

    As to speaking to the Egyptian Parliament with some very unsavory characters or not just imagine if some dignitary came to the US and demanded that only Democrats would be allowed into Congress that day. Or any former member of the Black Panthers, or the Klan, hmmm that’s odd that applies only to the Democrats!

    If you are referring to the utter futility of the British effort in Basra I couldn’t agree more but in Norther Ireland British policy has been a success.

  6. marypmadigan says:

    in Norther Ireland British policy has been a success

    No, it really wasn’t a success, at least for the British. The Irish ‘troubles’ were basically started by a bunch of criminals and thugs who successfully bullied the British into giving them political power. The terrorists won and the people who are now governed by the thugs lost.

    Due (in part) to their complete inability to defeat this brutal and relatively incompetent batch of crooks, the Brits lost their sense of self-worth and national pride. And now they’re making the same mistakes, working openly with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas to ‘fight’ terrorism in Britain. David T. of Harry’s Place wrote an excellent post about why these policies fail miserably.

    Basically, the British people observe that these alliances are empowering the terrorists and giving them political power. Since they feel betrayed by their incompetent government, they may seek change by voting for extremist alternatives, like the BNP.

    As to speaking to the Egyptian Parliament with some very unsavory characters or not just imagine if some dignitary came to the US and demanded that only Democrats would be allowed into Congress that day

    While our state department has a policy of pandering to the Saudi sponsors of 9/11, they also have a policy of forbidding entry to anyone who has definite ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s a good thing, and it shouldn’t change, since this is an enemy organization.

    I’m not really sure who was in charge of the invitations, but if this gesture of friendship is followed by clear signs of a growing friendship between our government and the Muslim brotherhood, then it’s a sign that our govt. is following the failed British model.

  7. Pat Patterson says:

    We’ll have to agree to disagree but as I noted none of the goals of the PIRA came to fruit and they eventually lost public support and sort of disarmed. Now they seem to be just another criminal gang. And Ulster is still part of the UK.

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