Big dips on Route 66 (in HD)

Raw Video of my very bumpy drive on historic route 66, heading to the Mojave desert (somewhere around Baghdad, California)


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4 Responses to Big dips on Route 66 (in HD)

  1. Pat Patterson says:

    That section, including the area around Amboy and Barstow, still has a huge number of accidents depending on which direction you’re traveling, dawn or dusk. On coming headlights or the sun blinds the unwary when cresting one of the dips and combined with speed usually means a very exciting vistit to the cactus.

  2. mary says:

    When I was driving in that area there were high winds and a few dust storms. The scenery is fantastic, but the road has a lot of surprises.

  3. Pat Patterson says:

    It’s too bad you couldn’t have gone last month as that is when the desert is covered with poppies and other blooms for miles. In surfing that is the you-should-have-been-here-yesterday explanation.

  4. marypmadigan says:

    I was there in early May. There were some poppies by the side of the road, but no large-scale display…

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