“Americans who spent the past week transfixed by the brutal shooting of Neda Soltan and related horrifying events in Iran may be astonished to learn the following…”

Roger Simon

This is how our state department reacts to recent atrocities in Iran

The United States said Monday its invitations were still standing for Iranian diplomats to attend July 4 celebrations at US embassies despite the crackdown on opposition supporters.

President Barack Obama’s administration said earlier this month it would invite Iran to US embassy barbecues for the national holiday for the first time since the two nations severed relations following the 1979 Islamic revolution.

“There’s no thought to rescinding the invitations to Iranian diplomats,” State Department spokesman Ian Kelly told reporters.

I’m not astonished, I’m not even surprised. This is how the state department reacted to 9/11. They were worried that the Saudi sponsors of 9/11 would cease to be our friends. Legitimizing, empowering and kissing the asses of our most vile enemies has always been their first priority.

They don’t care about us, they don’t care about freedom and they don’t care about democracy, yet for some peculiar reason, we continue to pay their salaries. What’s wrong with us?

I have no interest in tea parties, but if anyone is organizing a rally to storm the walls of the state department, I’ll be there…


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2 Responses to “Americans who spent the past week transfixed by the brutal shooting of Neda Soltan and related horrifying events in Iran may be astonished to learn the following…”

  1. David W. Lincoln says:

    Demonstrations in the streets, workers going on strike. If more is needed to transform Iran from the Khomeini heresy of usurping the palace from the Mosque, then by all means let it enter.

    Too much is at stake, and frankly if more people saw the best of objective truth, the sooner we could put the likes of Khameini, Ahmadinejad, and the rest into the past. Where they belong in the trash heap of history.

  2. marypmadigan says:

    If peaceful, open demonstrations are not enough to change the Iranian regime, then the rebellion will probably organize, go underground, and use more direct methods.

    They’re already attacking Basiji on motorcycles:

    Two Basiji motorcycles are burning. People have learnt how to do it fast. They lay the motorcycle on its side, spilling the gasoline and lighting it on fire. We climb up a pedestrian bridge and watch. People shout from the bridge, “Down with Khameni” and “your aura is gone for good’. A Basiji is caught: He soon disappears under the crowd beating him. As if in a Roman coliseum those on the bridge shout, “Beat him up!” I shout with them before coming to my senses. What is with me? He staggers away as a group of ten people kick and punch him.

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