Balloons and Flying Machines at Solberg

At Solberg Airport’s Solstice celebration my son introduced me to this tiny multi-engine plane, a “Cricket” (the official name is the “Cri Cri.”) The French homebuilt is the smallest multi-engine aerobatic plane around.


My son was interested in the plane because, like many pilots hoping to fly for the airlines, he’s hoping to build up multi-engine time. This would be a small, fun, relatively cheap way to get it.

Unfortunately, Cri-Cri kits aren’t being manufactured anymore, and (according to this fan site) assembled versions are hard to find.

I was filming the takeoff of a yellow-winged tailwheel when a Cri-Cri overflew the runway at Solberg Airport. It buzzed by so quickly I barely caught it onscreen…

More videos and photos of balloons and flying machines are up on Flickr and YouTube.

Don’t miss the NJ Festival of Ballooning at Solberg, which runs from Friday July 24th thru Sunday July 26th.


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