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Found this in my search for Bear-4

..Bear Grylls paramotors Mount Everest. More here Advertisements

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Hi-Def Video from The Edge of Space bargain prices. More about the Bear-4 project here…

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Top Ten signs that you may be the lunatic fringe *

10. You’re always telling people not to believe their lying eyes. What they call ‘facts’ or ‘proof’ is just an attempt to elicit a confession, to get you to give up the fight. You will never confess, never surrender! They … Continue reading

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The next step in understanding how the brain works

By carefully analyzing brain activity, scientists can tell what number a person has just seen, research now reveals Scientists had 10 volunteers watch either numerals or dots on a screen while a part of their brain known as the intraparietal … Continue reading

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Protest at the UN: No to Dictatorship, Yes to Democracy in Iran

At the NYC/UN demonstration against the dictatorship in Iran by Iranians from all over the world. This was probably during Ahmadinejad’s barely attended speech. Unlike the unelected president’s speech, the rally was very well attended. Some of the participants having … Continue reading

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Vanilla cupcake

Buttercream frosting 1/2 c. butter (or margarine w/some shortening) softened 1 lb. confectioners’ sugar 1 tsp. vanilla extract 3 tbsp. milk Food coloring (optional) In large bowl, cream the butter. Add about 1 cup of the sugar mix till smooth. … Continue reading

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The Dollhouse Effect

If you’d like to reproduce the fake model effect you see in the Dollhouse intro in photographs, Christopher Phin* tells you how to do it. It’s best to start with a photograph of a scene that’s viewed from a distance, … Continue reading

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