The left and the right, betraying America

Ok, I’ve kind of abandoned this blog, and I probably shouldn’t just jump directly into a rant, but really, this Ralph Peters bit is just too egregious.

In Betraying our Dead Peters says:

Instead of acknowledging that radical Islam is the problem, we elected a president who blames America, whose idea of freedom is the right for women to suffer in silence behind a veil — and who counts among his mentors and friends those who damn our country or believe that our own government staged the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

No, Bush counts among his closest friends Saudi Prince Bandar, (Bandar Bush) whose wife contributed thousands of dollars to two of the 9/11 hijackers. According to later spin, she did this out of the goodness of her heart. She thought one of them had a cold or something.

And another one of Bush’s closest friends, James “fuck the Jews” Baker’s law firm helped the Saudis who sponsored the attacks from being sued by the victims’ families. The Saudis were able to weasel out of even the slightest wrist slapping through diplomatic immunity. That’s how the Republican government sought justice for the murder of thousands of Americans.

Ralph goes on…

Instead of confronting Saudi hate-mongers, our president bows down to the Saudi king.

Instead of recognizing the Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi cult as the core of the problem, our president blames Israel.

Excuse me Ralph, but when did President Bush ever recognize the Saudi sponsored Wahhabi cult as the core of the problem?

…and, instead of bowing to the Saudi king, Bush hugged and kissed him in Crawford, Texas. Meanwhile, back at the Wahhabi ranch, Saudi chief justice Sheik Saleh Al Luhaidan was appearing on Saudi TV, demanding that all young Saudi men go to Iraq to wage jihad against the Iraqis and the Americans. As a result of this (and as a result of King Abdullah’s quiet support of al Luhaidan) thousands of Americans and Iraqis were murdered by Saudi suicide bombers. (the majority of suicide bombers and foreign fighters in Iraq were Saudis)

How did Bush punish the Saudi king, or any Saudis, for their involvement in the war in Iraq? Was there any investigation? No.

Oh, and let’s not forget Bush’s coverup of certain pages from a congressional investigation into Saudi involvement in 9/11. The Bush-redacted section apparently laid out a money trail between Saudi Arabia and al Qaeda, including information about Omar al-Bayoumi, who gave financial assistance to 9-11 hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Midhar.

The American government’s toadying attitude towards the Saudis who carried out and celebrated the 9/11 attacks is left and right issue. That’s why I’m a ‘moderate’ in the red vs. blue war. Both sides are worthless, both sides are more interested in promoting their own interests (and in tearing down the ‘opposition’) than they are in improving the lives of any Americans. But at least the left is honest about the fact that they’re willing to kiss anyone’s butt in the interests of ‘diplomacy.’

The right likes to pretend its nose isn’t brown. To those on the right who have been singing ‘the left is letting the terrorists win’ song for years, please stop insulting our intelligence. You’re not fooling anyone.


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6 Responses to The left and the right, betraying America

  1. Pat Patterson says:

    If you keep trying to be evenhanded you’ll simply be banished from the punditocracy. In other words we don’t do balance here or there.

  2. marypmadigan says:

    I’m kind of banishing myself from the punditocracy. I haven’t written a politically themed article for months. I don’t think Obama or Glenn Beck is ‘the enemy’ Silly me, I always thought our enemies were the people who supported al Qaeda.

    I’m just in the process of closing down this blog. Most of the photography articles will be moved to the new site. I’m trying to build up a nature/aerial photography business. Bears and bouncy little airplanes are a lot easier to handle than partisan political zealots :-)

  3. John says:

    Yes, both Bush and Obama toady up to the Saudis. Almost every senator, congressman, ex-general, media conglomeration, corporation, is beholden to their stranglehold. But Bush, not the Democrats, went to war against Saddam, the Saudi’s Sunni Heavy and discipliner of the Shia. Now he didn’t identify the Saudis directly as the guilty party for 9/11 (his own father would have assassinated him for that), but the Shia are empowered, there is a battle for hegemony within Islam, and the Saudis may be on their last legs. Bush acoomplished that.

  4. mary says:

    Now he didn’t identify the Saudis directly as the guilty party for 9/11 (his own father would have assassinated him for that)

    ..this is probably true, which shows what a bunch of depraved cowards are running this country.

    but the Shia are empowered, there is a battle for hegemony within Islam, and the Saudis may be on their last legs

    Empowering the current depraved, cowardly and lunatic government of Iran is probably not the best strategy, especially since Iran is so closely allied with Russia. I don’t think that this was GW Bush’s plan (although nothing ever seemed to turn out as he’d planned it)

    Saudi Arabia may be on its last legs, but that’s due to the general financial downturn, and the lowered oil prices. Although the Obama administration will probably do everything they can to follow traditional American foreign policy goals by propping up the Saudi supporters of 9/11, in the long run, the oil economy is doomed – and the Saudis are doomed along with it.

  5. Unfortunately, you’re right. Both Republicans and Democrats side with Muslims, though for slightly different reasons.

  6. Kaone says:

    Obama is our president NOW. And those things Mr. Peters said are true.

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