Canon's "waterproof, freezeproof and shockproof" D10 in the Chilean wild


CNET reviews the D10:

The PowerShot D10 comes across as one of the company’s Digital Elphs in a fat suit–albeit a very protective one. Unfortunately, it’s a suit you can’t take off at the end of the day as you would with one of Canon’s waterproof housings. But again, the extra layer keeps it safe from cold as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit, from drops of up to 4 feet, and from water down to depths of 33 feet. With the waterproofing comes dust protection, too. So, while the D10 is not the best design for an everyday pocket camera, it’s the best for use in the sand, surf, and snow. Plus, the photo quality is pretty great.

I wasn’t planning to buy a camera when I went to my favorite camera store, B & H, on the day before we were set to leave for South America. I was looking for a camera bag, but for years I’ve been patiently waiting for a waterproof camera that can go to reasonable snorkeling depths – deeper than the standard 10 ft. The salesman at B & H promised that it could go to at least 2 ATM in scuba terms – 33 ft. He also mentioned that the camera could take even more abuse – rain, cold, being dropped from high places. Since we were planning to hike Easter Island and the chilly, rainy lake district on the edges of Chilean Patagonia, the D10 began to sound like a better idea than the camera bag.

So I figured I’d make do with my backpack and a couple of clever velcro wraparound holders (thanks to my friend Judith) and I bought the D10. After being dragged through the rain, snow, shallow waters (the waters were too choppy on Easter Island for snorkeling), the D10 performed as promised. And it’s still intact.

Some photos from the trip:


Humboldt Penguin observes the tourists : Chiloé Island, Chile

If you’re willing to drive more than 5 miles of bad road on the Northwestern area of Chiloé Island, you can see some penguins in their natural habitat.

The Alfaguara project sponsors penguin-oriented boat tours in Spanish, German and English. Although it’s nesting season, when both penguin parents spend most of the day nesting in quiet, hidden places, we did spot a few penguins peeking out.

Since the weather in the area always offers a little cold and rain, this was a perfect opportunity to try out the D10.


Sealions sunning themselves : Chiloé Island, Chile


A rainbow appears before we set out on our hike on the Orsono Volcano : Puerto Varas, Chile

The tour was offered by our Hostel, the Compass Del Sur in Puerto Varas


Rushing waters near the base of the Orsono Volcano : Rio Petrohue, Chile


Hiking up the base of the Orsono Volcano, in the rain and wind


Moss covering the ground at the base of the Orsono Volcano


Lagos Todos Los Santos, near the Orsono Volcano

Our guide mentioned that tours offered snorkeling during the summer – but the water in this deep lake is cold near the shore and bone-chilling cold towards the center, all year


A friendly local fox stopped by to see if we had food


The top of the Oroson Volcano was covered with snow, shrouded with fog. We were supposed to go for a hike around the area, but due to the unseasonable weather (and our thin jackets) we decided to sit inside and have some hot chocolate


The view from the top of Orsono that day


After we drove down from Orsono, we took a quick hike to the green lagoon : Lugana Verde, Lago LLanquihue.

As I remember, the green in the water is a result of the minerals interacting with the algae. Fresh lakewater mixes with waters of the green lagoon


Where the lake meets and Lugana Verde. If you click on this photo, you’ll see a picture that was taken just minutes before, when the sun was shining. That’s how quickly the weather changes there, all day.

Tomorrow: Going for a swim and dunking the D10 in salt water off Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

More Chiloé Island and penguin photos on Flickr.


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  1. Annelen Madigan says:

    From fox to freezing weather, love, love these shots. Glad the green lagoon is minerals and not just algae.

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    Thanks! Can’t wait to see your photos of Greece and Turkey.

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