Frugal Traveler's guide to New York

Traveling to New York without spending your life savings? Yes, it can be done:

Where to Crash

Unless you’re planning to camp out in Central Park — an illegal but potentially rewarding proposition — you will want to organize a place to stay. Ideally, you’ll check out, the social-networking site for travelers, where members offer their couches, floors and even spare bedrooms to other like-minded people — free. In New York, there are at least 3,700 members — TV producers, graduate students, cheese-shop managers — who not only can give you a place to rest your head but can also provide expert advice on navigating the city. If you’re skeptical but curious, check out one of their regular weekly get-togethers at downtown bars; check for times and locations.

If you like the idea of staying in someone’s home but feel more secure paying for the privilege, check out, which operates like a cross between CouchSurfing and the vacation-rentals section of (itself a good resource). Apartments range from couches to spare bedrooms, with prices as low as $40 a night; I recently tested AirBnB in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and had a wonderful time.

Many of the sites linked to in this article are useful for traveling cheaply anywhere in the US, or around the world. A great resource!


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