Free Greenwich Village Walking Tour

The streets in Greenwich Village aren’t laid out in a simple numbered grid, as they are in Midtown. They’re angled and randomly named. This tour*, with the map, is a big help in navigating this fascinating, quirky place.

…First off, the details on this walk. It is just over 3.5 miles in length — sounds like a lot, but in New York City that’s just a normal morning stroll. Plan on it taking 2-3 hours, depending on how fast you walk and how much looking around you do. There are plenty of places for snacks, meals, and drinks along the way. You may want to start around 10:00 in the morning and then finish with lunch. Or start at 3-4PM and finish with drinks or early dinner…

…OK, so we will start in the center of Greenwich Village (marked START on the print out map below), at the Christopher St./Sheridan Square subway stop (this is 7th and Christopher, Greenwich Village, if you are taking a cab to get there..) — it’s marked with a big “M” on the map right in the middle of 7th Avenue. The 1 train stops here (alternatively, you can arrive at the 4th Street Station on the A,B,C,D,E,F,V trains, then walk up 4th Avenue 3 blocks to where it meets Christopher Street). As you get out of the cab or subway, take a second to get your bearings. 7th Avenue is the main commercial thoroughfare that bisects the Village. You should see Christopher Street (it crosses 7th right here) and you should see Christopher Park — the Park is on the east side of the street, the other side is the west, heading towards the Hudson River. If you’re facing the park, your left hand is pointing north up 7th Avenue towards midtown, while your right hand is pointing towards downtown. Got it? We’ll be walking down many angled streets here, but it helps if you have some idea which way is up and down, east and west. The map might look a little confusing — just keep in mind you will be following the letters and arrows, and stopping at the blue marked points of interest along the way…

* Info and link thanks to Galt Homes


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