Pilots review the Anywhere Map Travel Companion (ATC) GPS

The Anywhere can be used in a plane or in a car, the price is bearable and updates are free for the first 12 months – so what’s the downside (is there one)?

Info and reviews thanks to Sporty’s Pilot Shop:

The compact Anywhere Map Travel Companion (ATC) combines a simple-to-use touch screen GPS with Anywhere Map’s popular and powerful navigation features. This unique combination is a great value.


• Sharpest display of any portable GPS (4.3”)
• “Finger friendly” touch screen—no stylus required
• Includes taxiway diagrams
• Turn by turn 3D street navigation with voice commands
• Includes 100LL.com fuel prices
• Integrated Bluetooth v2.0
• High-resolution terrain and obstacle display with warnings
• Patented Cones of Safety® glide prediction system
• Personal Digital CoPilot® Reminders and Alerts
• VNAV with virtual Glideslope to any airport
• Optional Approach Plates

Once you reach your destination, you can take the compact, self-contained display unit with you and enjoy HP’s superb 3D street mapping in your car. The system comes with both a car mount AND yoke mount. Completely self-contained and completely pre-installed, there is nothing to “set up” and nothing to configure.

Add an optional XM WX receiver and the Travel Companion even gives you up-to-the-minute XM weather and airspace warnings. The completely wireless system feeds data to the Travel Companion by Bluetooth. The Travel Companion even lets you listen to XM audio channels while you monitor the weather (subscriptions required).

The first 12 Months of software and database updates are free. This includes the 28 Day Aeronautical Database, which updates airport, airspace, airway, frequency, and other information..


“Excellent lawyout, good ability to find signal even indoors, small size allows a lot of options.”

“It dose not come with an instruction book. When I opened the box the first thing I grabed was a paper that said log onto some website to update unit before use. When I tried that website it was no good. So since the GPS is a HP I went to the HP website. The HP website had several updates for the GPS. Here is the problem, when the updates were finised is removed the anywhere map program and all I had left was the automobile program. I contacted anywhere map via e-mail and they took me step by step to recover the program. I was they informed by anywhere maps that I needed to use their website to update the unit. As far as instructions on how to use the GPS, good luck. Anywhere maps has instructions in a PDF on their website just for their program. The automobile program comes with a quick start guide but the rest is up to you. ”

The screen is a little small but by no means to small to see. Very predictable features and perfectly portable. So portable in fact that Velcro is my mount in the plane, car and motorcycle. The charging system is well though out. The weight is good for pocket use. I am glad I made this choice. The price was great too.

The supplied mountings suck. Use Velcro.


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