Is Apple telling Adobe Flash to take a hike?

iPad Already Changing the Way Web Sites Are Built

While much of the iPad rhetoric centers around it jumpstarting the nascent tablet market, the iPad is already having a wide-ranging effect on businesses before it has even been officially released. Already, many major media companies are changing the very way they build Web sites to accommodate Apple’s tablet.

Or was Flash already headed out the door?

In any case, the iPad seems to be gaining a fan base…

The iPad presents a problem for many media-centric sites because it does not display Adobe Flash, a platform that runs much of the animations and interactive elements on sites, not to mention being the platform for nearly three-quarters of the video on the Web….

…Normally a first generation device with these sorts of limitations wouldn’t worry major organizations, but this is Apple we’re talking about. The company that single-handedly threw the entire music industry on its head. Even though companies have no way to know just how much traffic they’ll be getting from the as-yet-to-be-released tablet, they’re confident it will be a big enough deal that they can afford to design entirely new Web sites specifically for the iPad. (Read more iPad news.)

Several major companies have already developed iPad-ready Web sites which will run alongside their current Flash-based sites for computer users. The New York Times will have an iPad version of its site. The Wall Street Journal is following suit, as is NPR Radio. These sites are also changing the layout of their content to better fit the iPad’s screen size and take advantage of its touchscreen navigation.

CBS has also reportedly been working on an iPad-friendly version of its video site so that iPad users can watch full episodes of CBS shows without needing Flash.

A video player platform called Brightcove has also developed a version of its software that is not Flash-based and that can run on the iPad. Many of Brightcove’s customers have specifically asked for solutions to iPad video problems.



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