Ground Zero Mosque – a scam?


Kevin D. at Dean’s World asked “Was the Ground Zero Mosque a Zionist Conspiracy?” He said:

The good news: A number of ulema from Al-Azhar University have come out against the Ground Zero Mosque because they believe it will confirm the link between Islam and 9/11.

The bad news: They think that it’s going up at all because of the Jews.

As far as I can tell, the only Jew who inspired Park51/Cordoba is Mel Brooks. The whole investment plan sounds like the scam cooked up in “The Producers.”

The plan (in the movie, play, then movie) was:

1. Find a bunch of gullible investors who were willing to hand over large sums of money based on faith and trust…

2. Come up with a project that’s certain to fail, so the investors won’t be angry when their money disappears..

3. Use a smooth talking salesperson to bring in the cash

This proposal is for a Muslim community center in an area with no Muslim community. They haven’t even found an architect yet. It’s being built in a neighborhood of strip joints, pizza shops and Chinese takeout places. And those are the high-end businesses.

It’ll be the most expensive, overbuilt property for blocks (which in Manhattan translates to miles). In the appraisal business, this is called ‘external depreciation’. The value of the property is determined by the surrounding neighborhood. It doesn’t matter how much money you spent on improvements, it only matters how much people are willing to pay for the property. No one would want to buy this white elephant/money pit. No one will even want to build it. Unions members have already stated that they refuse to work on the project. Forget about finding ironworkers..

Wealthy Saudis and other Islamists/terror supporters are in the habit of throwing huge wads of cash towards these projects, without expecting a payoff. Many Muslims may feel obligated to contribute something, but if they do, their money is bound to fall down the same rabbit hole smooth-talking Imam Rauf disappeared into.


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