Awesome opportunity for rock fan/video artists

Via Mashable: Panic at the Disco Asks Fans To Submit Clips for New Music Video

Instagram for video” Viddy may have only just launched, but it’s already been seized upon by dapper rock band Panic at the Disco. The band is asking fans to download the app and help create the video for its new single, “Ready to Go.”

“We had been discussing the idea of creating a crowd-sourced video on our upcoming tour, and when we stumbled upon Viddy a couple weeks ago it sounded like it could be exactly what we were looking for,” the band tells us.

If you recall, Viddy is a social video app that lets users apply filters and other effects to short clips shot on their iPhones. Panic at the Disco is asking fans to follow their account, PanicAtTheDisco, and film the band performing on tour — as well as the crowd, venue, etc. Fans can then tag #readytogo, so that the band can aggregate the clips for the upcoming video.

Viddy might just be for iPhone users, so Android users might be left out of this loop..? But I’m sure there’ll be an Instagram/Viddy app for Android soon..


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