Watson: dealing with TMI

Beyond Jeapordy: Why Watson Matters:

Actually, Watson’s triumph over human competitors is a very big deal. There’s very complex technology going on in Watson’s processing that surpasses traditional search algorithm technology. Watson provides IBM researchers with a way to delve into and in fact revamp data analysis as we know it. Watson’s existence and the fascinating research in which it is currently involved will affect each and every one of us: how physicians diagnose us, how cities respond to natural disasters, how we decrease our carbon footprint, how we invest money, and much more…

….Watson is well-suited for any application where there is a vast amount of data and people need access to it quickly. But, how does it get from game show contestant to real-world application?

Jennifer Chu-Carroll is one of the scientists who helped develop Watson. She said that perhaps the biggest misconception about Watson is that it is using the same search technology as Google or Bing. She said many people don’t “appreciate the difference between typing in two keywords, getting back 100,000 results, and then having to go through those results to find relevant information. Watson can answer a question given in natural language and have a confidence level associated with that answer, she said. ..

It would also be good if if Watson-type programs answer large scale questions by drawing a picture..


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