Photos from a visit to a war zone in Israel, 2006

The Syrian government is in deep trouble and they’re doing what they usually do when they’re under stress, stirring up trouble in Lebanon and Israel.

Like Assad, and Hezbollah, Hamas is Iran’s flunky, and they’re all doing what they’re told to do. According to reports, neither side (Israel or Hamas) wants this war.

One of the many thousand of rockets that was fired at civilians in the area of Sderot (photo taken back in 2006)

From Wikipedia: Sderot is located less than a mile from Gaza (the closest point is 840 meters).[2] The constant barrage of rocket attacks on the city has killed 13 Israelis, wounded dozens, caused millions of dollars in damage and profoundly disrupted daily life.[3] The frequent air-raid sirens and explosions of incoming projectiles have caused severe psychological trauma.[4] From mid-June 2007 to mid-February 2008, 771 rockets and 857 mortar bombs were fired at Sderot and the western Negev, an average of three or four each a day

Part of a mall that was destroyed by a rocket fired by Hamas into an Israeli town populated by civilians, mostly immigrants.

Israeli pilot looking at piles of rusted Kassam rockets


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