What (did) you do?

Since this poster was all over Facebook yesterday, I thought I’d answer the question.

What would I do?

1. Try to keep people from panicking because panicking is the worst thing you can do in an emergency

2. Reluctantly support a war if it appeared to be necessary, then feel like an idiot when it it turns out to have been unnecessary.

3. Research the terrorist groups involved, discover that they’re supported by our Gulf allies. Waste many hours of my life that could have been better spent doing other things pointing this out, being ignored or called loony

4. Realize that neither/no political party has any real interest in dealing with the actual sources of terrorism, that all want to preserve the status quo, try my best to ignore politics unless the world seems to be on the brink of destruction.

5. find that the world is almost always on the brink of destruction, wonder if it’s media hype, reality, or panic

6. Repeat

About marypmadigan

Writer/photographer (profession), foreign policy wonk (hobby).
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