These are the people the Saudi government calls 'terrorists'

Via Advancing Human Rights

The president of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association, Fozan Al Harbi,  was summoned today by Riyad’s Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution. Al Harbi was questioned, and will have to endure an official investigation on Saturday May 11th.

Fozan is one of Saudi’s preeminent human rights defenders, helping political prisoners and their families recognize their rights. Activists in Saudi Arabia believe that their government is targeting Fozan as a part of a campaign to systematically delegitimize his civil right’s association, which has become more active in recent months. Saudi authorities have arrested the majority of its members.

The Association was established in 2009 by eleven human rights activists, calling on Saudi authorities to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The organization’s former president, Suleiman Ibrahim Al Rashoudi has a long history of activism, and was arrested a couple of times, most recently in December 2012, only a few weeks after he was elected president of the Association. Al Roshoudi is now serving a fifteen year prison term in Saudi’s Jaber prison.

These are the people the Saudi government sends to luxury spas


The cushy and luxurious-sounding Riyadh center — which sounds suspiciously like a desert-centered Club Med — reportedly sprawls over an area equivalent to approximately 10 soccer fields. There, AFP reports, prisoners pass their days huddling with counselors and attending seminars on religious affairs aimed at convincing them of the evils of waging murderous jihad.
AFP writes that in between such sessions, prisoners may relax at the center’s Olympic-size, indoor swimming pool, go for a turn in one of its saunas, exercise in the gymnasium, or take in a leisurely showing of their favorite shows in the complex’s television hall.

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