Declassifying Saudi Involvement in 9/11

Almost 12 years after the 9/11 Intelligence Report was published, 28 pages concerning links between Saudi Arabia and the 9/11 terrorists are still classified. The Bush Administration was instrumental in the effort to hide those pages.

President Bush and Saudi King Abdullah kiss.

President Bush and Saudi King Abdullah kiss.

Obama had promised the 9/11 families that he would work to declassify those pages, but most of the effort to bring this to light has come from a few hardworking congressmen.

Obama bows before Saudi king

Obama bows before Saudi king

According to former Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.), who has seen the entire document, the classified pages expose “a larger effort to cover up Saudi activity in 9/11.”

Eighty thousand pages of information on a Saudi family that disappeared days before the 9/11 attacks have been turned over to the courts through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Some 6,000 [American] plaintiffs … against mainly Saudi interests, claiming that they were essentially co-conspirators to 9/11 and that litigation has been blocked by the Saudis’ use of sovereign immunity as a defense,” Graham said. “But recently the federal appellate court that covers the state of New York overturned that defense and the Supreme Court has refused to hear the Saudis’ case and now there will be an aggressive effort through the courts to get information about Saudi involvement in 9/11.”

Graham said the third issue is what most people refer to as the “Sarasota case,” the Florida city where three of the hijackers did flight training.

“There is strong suspicion that they had close relationships with a prominent Saudi family living in Sarasota, the family which approximately two weeks before 9/11 — under what has been described by law enforcement as ‘urgent conditions’ — left their home and returned to Saudi Arabia,” Graham said.

Graham said that raised the question of, “Were they tipped off to what was about to happen?” Now, he says, investigators may finally get an answer, because 80,000 pages of information the FBI had previously withheld about the Sarasota case have been turned over to the courts, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request.

When these kinds of stories are released, it’s usually a sign that our government is using negative press to pressure the Saudis. What are they concerned about? Well, Saudi support of al Qaeda is old news now, but Saudi support of ISIS is a current concern…


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