Germany halts arms exports to Saudi Arabia


© Pool/AFP | Saudi Arabia’s new King Salman attends a ceremony at the Diwan royal palace in Riyadh on January 24, 2015

Via France 24:

Germany has decided to stop arms exports to Saudi Arabia because of “instability in the region,” German daily Bild reported on Sunday.

Weapons orders from Saudi Arabia have either been “rejected, pure and simple,” or deferred for further consideration, the newspaper said, adding that the information has not been officially confirmed.

The decision was taken on Wednesday by the national security council, a government body that includes Chancellor Angela Merkel, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel and seven other ministers, it said.

“According to government sources, the situation in the region is too unstable to ship arms there,” added the daily

Michael Yon posted about this on Facebook, saying:

Germany’s vote of confidence is in.

A reader added:

What they know is that Saudi Arabia may possibly be using German weapons to eventually intervene in Yemen.

They also know that the Saudis are attempting to use low oil prices as a means of gaining greater control/influence with IS(IS) but may wind up failing to do so.. (not to mention attempting to undermine Iran’s economy and ability to threaten the Kingdom)..

They also may be thinking that they should stop selling those valuable Leopard tanks for pennies on the Euro, and keep them around for a rainy day (potential confrontation with Russia)..

According to the France 24 article,

A survey carried out for Bild found that 78 percent of Germans believe Berlin should stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia — and a further 60 percent want to break off trade ties all together — due to human rights violations.

If they had a poll like that in America, how would we vote?


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