Saudi man abuses poor Bangladeshi worker

The video shows what appears to be an Asian worker being “interrogated” by a Saudi man, who is taking the video. The Saudi man is seen Repeatedly striking and Abusing the Asian man, who Appears to be Apologizing and Cowering in fear.

Asian man: “… for my children, Sustenance. My father, my mother, to Provide a living to them. But , I’m sorry. ”
Saudi man: “Why do you say the Saudi Government is bad?”
Asian man: “No, I did not say the Government is bad …”
Saudi man: (Hitting the Asian man) “Why do you say the Saudi Government is not good?”
Asian man: (…)
Saudi man: “Saudi Arabia is afraid of America, you animal?” (Continues hitting the Asian man)
Asian man: “I’m only here for my Livelihood, I’m only here for my Livelihood …”
Saudi man: “Why do you say Saudi Arabia is not good?”
Asian man : “No, I will not any more. Enough. I’m not saying Saudi Arabia is bad, look, citizen …”
Saudi man: (Extends his hand to the Asian man) “Greet me”
Asian man: ( kisses the Saudi man’s hand Several times)
Saudi man: Is Saudi Arabia good or bad?
Asian man: “It’s good, it’s good.”
Saudi man: Saudi Arabia is your dad, you dog.
Asian man: “Yes, it’s my dad ”
Saudi man: Your Government is like a Saudi Arabian dog, you dog. A Saudi dog, you dog … “(Continues hitting the Asian man)
Asian man: “It’s OK …”
Saudi man: “What’s your name?”
Asian man: “Abdallah”
Saudi man: “Abdallah what, you animal? ”
Asian man: “Akhtar Ali”
Saudi man: “Akhtar Ali?” (Spits loudly at the Asian man) “At Akhtar Ali, you animal. Saudi Arabians are animals, huh? ”
Asian man: “No, no, they’re perfect”
Saudi man: “Saudi Arabia is what then? What is it? ”
Asian man: “The best country in the world, a land of goodness and blessings”
Saudi man: “Goodness and blessing. And what are you, what are you? ”
Asian man: “Enough, look, look I’m a Muslim, thank God …”
Saudi man: (Cuts him off) “You are what?”
Asian man: “Bangladeshi ”
Saudi man: “You are an animal. What are you? ”
Asian man: “Animal.”
Saudi man: (Presents his hand) “Greet, you animal”
Asian man: (Kisses the hand of the Saudi man)
Saudi man: (Hits the Asian man) “Anything more you want to say? ”
Asian man: “No, no, there’s no more”
Saudi man: “Any talk about Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabian Government is on top of your mother’s head, you son of a bitch “(Hits Asian man)
Asian man: “OK …”
Saudi man: “Anything more you want to say about Saudi Arabia?” (Continues to hit the Asian man) “So you want to say Saudi Arabia is afraid of America, you dog? Huh? Entire the world is afraid of Saudi Arabia, you animal! ”
Asian man: “Yes, yes, OK”
Saudi man: “I swear to God, anything else you say about Saudi Arabia …”
Asian man: “No, no never, no more … ”
Saudi man: (Presents his leg to the Asian man) “Greet here”
Asian man: (Kisses the Saudi man’s leg)
Saudi man: “Now go away you animal, go, road”

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HibaPress, who posted this video, tagged it #cantwaitfortheoiltorunout


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